4 May 2022

How Can SaaS Companies Use B2B Growth Hacking to Generate Leads?

Have you ever heard of a Software as a Service, or SaaS companies, particularly startups, that remain stagnant after a year or two of success? What about SaaS companies with the best specifications but who fall far behind the competition?  

Despite their success, SaaS companies' lead generation falls since their sales qualified lead has difficulty or does not make the coveted purchase. 

The preceding examples apply to the vast majority of small or medium-sized businesses. Their conversion rate slows after hitting a brick wall: they can't find a diverse audience, new markets, or potential customers. 

If this problem is not resolved or recognized quickly, the company may be forced to close. 

Small and medium-sized businesses are accustomed to experiencing rapid growth and stability. However, they will be in captivity and a static state. So growth hacking is vital. 

Some top saas companies of B2B SaaS products dealing with growth hacking are Mailchimp, an email marketing platform, and Atlassian, a project management software saas company. 

Below you'll find lead generation tools, techniques, and hacking ideas to help you push your saas business past that dreaded plateau and into the next level. 

Issues with B2B Lead Generation and Growth Hacking 

Before looking for tips and strategies, you should see if you're making any common errors. SaaS companies in a state of stagnation are all too familiar with these blunders. 

The lead generation strategy consists of two major components: what to do and what not to do. To gain high-quality leads, you must first comprehend the root causes of a problem to solve it effectively. 

Mistake Number 1: Not (properly) analyzing data. 

When it comes to data, there are three steps you must follow to succeed and outperform your competitors: 

  • Gather data 
  • Examine data  
  • Take action based on the findings 

This process, which consists of three interconnected sub-parts, is crucial and ensures an upward path. In a growing company like your SaaS company, we understand that there may not be time for detailed data collection and analysis of the results. 

But data is the pillar of your evolution, no matter how minor and insignificant it may appear in comparison to running a new strategy. 

Dataless procedures produce the opposite results and have negative consequences; you are more likely to waste time and money with no repercussions while the data and competitors move forward while you remain stationary. 

After all, Datamation focuses on giving in-depth specific products and comparative and depth of understanding into the new trends and advancements in data security, big data, and more. 

Mistake Number 2: Familiarize yourself with your target audience. 

Are you sure you understand your target audience and their requirements? Is the target audience you've chosen right for you? Do you know who you're trying to convert into a lead or a customer

A practical model that assists sales and marketing departments to identify which prospects are possibly most beneficial to the organization and its current sales funnel is lead scoring. 

A SaaS company should carefully and consistently select potential customers. It must constantly monitor developments and data to improve the company's overall performance. 

There's always the possibility that a company will try to appeal to everyone, even if it doesn't have a specific target market. But unfortunately, we're discussing a potentially harmful technique with unfavorable outcomes.  

Since the interested parties of your product/service may never contact your marketing (like an ad or your blog), on the other hand, the non-interested parties will generally get annoyed with your company due to those techniques.  

All this will result in your content management completely failing. 

Understand your customers to generate leads 

Businesses must comprehend their target audience or their existing customers in great detail. But first and foremost, they should learn everything there is to know about: 

  • Who are they? 
  • What are they on the lookout for? 
  • What exactly are their issues? 
  • What is the best way to resolve their problems? 
  • How can you reach out to them with your marketing message? 

Only in this way does a software company gain customer loyalty and succeed in financial management. Specifically, you must re-examine or, if necessary, re-create your existing customer journey map.

The following are some of the more popular SaaS applications: Customer resource management (CRM)CRM tools allow SaaS consumers to handle complete data visibility and track sales as they progress through the sales funnel. 

A CRM tool, for example, can import contacts from another tool and create a new mailing list. It also integrates with Google Analytics to include various analytical services like web analytics. 

Mistake number three: Marketing-Qualified Lead or Sales-Qualified Lead. 

Due to a lack of time, many businesses mix up leads and contacts. Users are more likely to provide their email address, phone number, or subscribe to the company's blog or social media accounts.  

Those users are most likely contacts who aren't interested in our products or services; instead, they're interested in the content we create for other reasons. On the other hand, leads are our customers or future customers.  

The marketing department is in charge of converting leads into qualified marketing leads (MQLs). Marketing Qualified Leads can evolve into consumers based on a variety of factors, including: 

  • They are part of your niche market, and they frequently visit essential pages (e.g., the e-shop, landing page), increasing web development, or our software development. 
  • They've accessed the marketing content you've uploaded (eBook or case study), and they are keen on it. 

On the other hand, marketing lead qualification is not the same as sales lead qualification (SQLs). Business leads for the sales teams are referred to as SQLs. 

SQLs have the following characteristics in particular: 

  • They need your product/service because it solves their problem. That's how your saas company works. 
  • These website visitors have the money to invest and buy what you provide. 
  • They have the infrastructure and knowledge to use your product/service (so your saas business rules out the possibility of a refund or refund). 

Study the characteristics of the two types of leads based on the information above and adjust your strategy accordingly to avoid wasting time and money. 

B2B Growth Hacking Strategies & Lead Generation Strategies 

Lead generation through content marketing strategy 

One of the most common blunders made by SaaS companies is failing to follow marketing data or taking ineffective actions. For example, when a company is a B2B, it may use a marketing strategy designed for B2C audiences. The company will suffer as a result of this strategy. 

Below, you'll find four critical areas in which every B2B company should invest through content marketing

1) Attending Webinars 

Due to the pandemic and the need to expand clientele globally, webinars are a direct, cost-effective, and exciting way to reach your target audience, no matter their demographic information. 

You are providing them with knowledge and information in this manner. They ask about your products/services and learn a lot about what you offer. The company has a reputation for being a go-to resource for customers in problem-solving. Clients will pay for a product or service when you're a specialist. 

2) Blog post 

Are you aware that blogging is the most effective and profitable method for generating B2B leads? To do so, you'll need to be an SEO expert, which is a skill that develops over time. 

Blogging is the simplest way for potential customers to find you via a search engine. It provides valuable clout, customer data, and opportunities to collect contacts for your marketing team to modify. 

3) Use of Case Studies 

It would help if you also had a blog corresponding to the case study for a case study to occur. A case study is a thorough, detailed, and extended research that can provide potential clients with information and insights into your expertise. As a result, customers regard the company as an authority with excellent development results. 

4) Videos 

Videos are the ideal solution to grab the non-fans of reading. With time, videos have become the most popular source of information and entertainment. 

What are the requirements for creating and uploading a video? 

You'll need three inexpensive items:  

  • A mobile phone. 
  • A free editing program. 
  • The ideal platform for attracting an ever-increasing audience. 

In a nutshell, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. 

When choosing platforms, keep in mind that YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine and can be a valuable ally and source of sales leads for B2B companies. You should also consider Instagram reels and TikTok in addition to YouTube. Those platforms, particularly TikTok, are ideal for attracting an audience. 

You can use video as a visual tool for your site and social media platforms, such as providing guides for your products/services. Furthermore, you can highlight company activities or employees who volunteer in the community to create a friendlier and more open-hearted image. 

On the other hand, some saas providers create cloud-based applications. For example, HubSpot makes inbound marketing software for enterprises that includes tools for social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Workday is also used by human resources departments or sales teams for financial and human capital management. 

Instances of B2B Growth Hacking for Content Marketing 

A quick growth hacking message for B2B companies: 

Growth hacking is a cutting-edge strategy for accelerating growth, whereas growth marketing is a set of tried-and-true methods and techniques for long-term development. 

1) Social Media and a Call to Action for lead generation 

To increase your website's number of shares and views, use social media as a call to action (CTA). Several settings enable this, allowing potential clients to learn about your eCommerce platform through their friends' social media shares, likes, and comments. 

2) Storytelling 

Most people enjoy reading about a company's success or -failure- stories, so storytelling is an essential part of copywriting. As a result, now is the time to write about your SaaS startup on your blog or in the blogs of other companies that you admire or know will attract views, likes, and shares. Another idea is to create an entire blog devoted to businesses and their stories (with video and text) that chronicles the whole journey of the company. 

Content Lead Generation with B2B SaaS Growth Hacks 

These hacks are great for SaaS companies, but other businesses can also use the highlighting. 

1) Publications 

For some, press releases are out of date and anachronistic. However, the truth is far from this. Today, however, press releases are essential because having them published in online publications such as TechCrunch validates your company to other businesses and people interested in business news. 

You can also put together a press release highlighting your company's story or community activities and send it to a targeted list via email marketing or posting it on other websites. You can also broadcast your press release live to all of your followers on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

2) Make a site with a FAQ and a Q&A section. 

A SaaS company can have a FAQ and a Q&A site. Users can find answers to common questions about the company in the FAQ section. Users order queries through the Q&A, allowing you to expand your customer service capabilities and receive helpful feedback on your products/services. Those questions can also be used as case studies for content such as blogs, podcasts, and videos. 

3) Lead generation through referral marketing automation 

Do you know how to improve your company's credibility and reputation? A recommendation from a reputable company. Referral marketing should be one of your most essential lead generators as a B2B company. 

How many benefits do you get as a result of it? 

There are so many! The most important aspect is that referral leads provide connections to trustworthy and potential customers. 

These customers found you through a referral, have the financial means to purchase your product or service, and may be interested. 

As a result, you save time by spending less time qualifying leads and marketing your product because they already know what you offer and what they want to purchase from you. So all you have to do now is keep the lead alive. 

To do so, follow these three simple steps: 

1) Allow customers to refer you to others. 

This step is very similar to content marketing and social media. After all, you create content that highlights your customers' products/services and your solutions to their problems.  

Furthermore, your customers are likely to appreciate the free publicity you provide them, enabling users to share it on their content platforms, gaining new leads. The most important thing is to create clear paths for them to refer you to. 

2) Request referrals from customers. 

Do not be embarrassed to ask for referrals from your customers. Requesting that firms share their opinions with their customers each time you complete a case study is one way to get the referrals you want to gain lead generation. 

3) Offer referral bonuses to customers. 

Begin your sales process by offering steep discounts or free extras, and you'll find that most customers will recommend your business. These advantages are worthwhile because they save you time and money by providing referrals and potential customers. 

Instances of B2B Growth Hacking for Referral Lead Generation 

1) Keep the number of referrals to a minimum. 

Exclusivity is an effective sales strategy. You can tell others exactly what kind of customers you want, your target market, and what you want to achieve. This ensures that customers or other businesses will buy from you and recommend you to consumers who meet your criteria. 

2) Lead generation through social media marketing 

Social media marketing is one of the most critical B2B lead generation pillars. However, it is also one of the most difficult, as it necessitates a detailed and analytical strategy to succeed. We need to direct followers to our website, e-shop, or landing pages. We can also include newsletter subscription forms for receiving company news, blog posts, and other information. 

What about LinkedIn, for example? 

It is one of the most powerful platforms because it is the most popular among professionals. The majority of businesses now have profiles on the platform and post content and relevant information. 

How can you make a name for your company on LinkedIn? 

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a strictly professional platform where no one discusses their personal lives. As a result, you can include links to your website in case studies, testimonials, and examples. 

Become a member of industry-related organizations and networks. You can meet other experts who fit your target audience there, and you can participate in discussions and analyses about industry issues. 

Instances of B2B Growth Hacking for Social Media Lead Generation 

1) New products should be teased. 

Nothing excites and fascinates like entire campaigns promoting a launch, not just "coming soon" posts, but a series of teases. You can show how far your products/services have progressed and prepared the audience for the launch. 

2) Make gifs or memes. 

In B2B content, sarcasm and humor (in moderation) are two elements that should not be overlooked. So, what are your thoughts on starting to make memes and gifs? This demonstrates professionalism for the products/services and a sense of humor when promoting them. 

Social Media Marketing Growth Hacks for B2B SaaS 

These hacks are great for SaaS companies, but other businesses can also use them challenging. 

1) Followers can be automated. 

Add an automated tool like Phantombuster to your social media profiles instead of wasting time and energy chasing one follower. Phantombuster is great for quickly, automatically, and instantly following and unfollowing people based on sections, listings, and hashtags. 

2) Values of Stocks 

Without incentives, it can be challenging to succeed as a SaaS company. 

According to LinkedIn, a method for growing our business there is to learn from referral marketing without enormous rewards. When someone shares our landing page on their platform, we can offer a small discount or a free tool. 

It takes time, perseverance, and patience to develop successful lead generation. Do not surrender. We understand your situation and your effort to get your company to the next level. We provided you with quick and straightforward into getting solutions and advice. You, in turn, modify them to fit your strategies and needs. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to boost your business performance and learn all the secrets of the marketing world. Our approved team is here to assist you with anything you require!