29 Apr 2022

Marketing Psychology| 2 steps to achieve it in your Digital Marketing

Marketing psychology is what helps you be considered a good marketer. You are the one who understands human behavior and consumer psychology. This is the ultimate way to secure your business's success. Marketing psychology is the most powerful marketing force, and every marketer must comprehend some of the essential elements and how those aspects influence people's thinking, basic needs, feeling, and behavior.  

In this way, you can catch the consumers' pulse, connect with them perfectly, affect their manners, and hopefully, notice more profitable outcomes for your brand. It's a way to comprehend them as humans and not just customers.  

You will thoroughly understand why consumers choose you over competitors, what they are looking for, why they purchase, or what mistakes you are making. You outline your track to success by learning about your clients and creating the most accurate marketing strategies through marketing psychology.   

Let's find out how you can deal with it.  

1) Building a Fanocracy about your marketing psychology

Beyond the financial benefits, a Fanocracy spreads more joy and inspiration to the world. Fanocracy is the empire of passionate fans who love, promote, support, constantly discuss and buy your products. Fanocracy exists in pop culture, e.g., for Star Wars, Avengers, Harry Potter, or even famous actors, singers, models, or influencers. During all those love events, other people will be integrated as passionate fans by your fanbase, and they will likewise purchase your products and be fans.  

Fanocracy also explains how different brands, even in supposedly boring categories like car insurance and enterprise software, attract not just customers or even loyal customers. 

To construct a strong fanbase, consumers must feel at the heart of the company's strategy that they are a source of inspiration and that every step is taken to enhance their lives and personal growth. In short, the company must follow a customer-centric approach, and customers have positive feelings about your business. 

One of the most well-known theories is Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow's hierarchy, our behavior is driven by physiological and safety requirements. It's often depicted as a need pyramid, with the most basic and complex needs at the top. 

The desire to be a part of a fanocracy is at the third level of psychologist Abraham Maslow's pyramid. At this level, everyone must believe that they love and are loved and that they are a part of a group (such as family, school, work, student clubs, book clubs, etc.). Fanocracy also denotes a desire to be a part of a team, improve personal relationships, and boost self-esteem. 

One of the most evident instances of Fanocracy is Microsoft, which constructed a loyal partner community online. In its fanbase community, the partners are fostered to collaborate to resolve performance matters. As a result, the famous multinational has built a renowned fan culture worldwide.  

This fanbase actively sustains the company, purchases its products, and follows it in the way to success. Fanocracy is built through solid campaigns, promotions, and continuous marketing on social media to create awareness and networking.  

But how can you create your Fanocracy?  

Making a Fanocracy is not a straightforward job because people support the businesses they enjoy, and it's challenging to make them want you. The first step is to remember that the purpose is for fans to follow you faithfully, give them self-actualization, participate in your every action, and purchase your products serving their physiological needs. Therefore, creating Fanocracy, you should execute three main steps to begin working through this goal:  

Get Closer   

Never disregard that your audience is human beings, and you need to interact with them directly and clearly. This way, you build loyal followers. The proximity to customers is something that any business needs to create a fandom that constructs a genuine Fanocracy. Fanocracy brings more joy and self-actualization in customers' lives and is an increasingly important concept ensuring job security. 

The closer you are to customers, the more influential the shared emotions are. So, start communicating with your audience directly through phone calls, email marketing, and indirectly through social media posts, campaigns, YouTube videos, and events.  

Love your Team  

Launching a product/service on the market is not a single-person process; it’s teamwork. If your team understands the demands of your fans and feels their needs, then your audience feels essential and unique, and your business builds Fanocracy. Fanocracy means a company that puts the needs and wishes of fans ahead of every other priority and growth needs. 

Hire Employees Who Are Fans  

The key to your success is to hire employees who share your passion for your vision, products, and services. Employ people who aren't simply "doing their jobs." Employees who believe in and support your vision are the ones who will come up with new ideas, which are crucial in the development of your Fanocracy

Transferring a shared vision and authentic advocacy with your employees are the elements that boost the enthusiasm, enjoyment, and passion that form Fanocracy. Do not forget to convey the above features to your audience.  

Developing action plans for these three steps can lay the groundwork for Fanocracy. It's significant to comprehend that every company can create a Fanocracy in every field and sector like business software, furniture, or car parts. So, start using your creativity to develop the appropriate passion for your employees and those you sell to.  

According to Fanocracy, the two most significant characteristics are Proximity and Mirror Neurons 


Proximity refers to physical closeness.   

Psychologically, we enjoy being close to those we have something in common. Being physically closer to your customers can help you develop your Fanocracy.   

A few ways to do this include:   

• Hosting, attending or presenting conferences where your consumers (or possible buyers) attend.   

• Finding ways to market to individuals in person, such as in stores.   

• Arranging an appointment with your clients to see together the services you offer. For example, if you sell software, you can schedule an appointment with your consumers to see how they use your products, how to upgrade them, and how invested you are in their success.   

Mirror neurons

Mirror neurons refer to people's reactions when observing someone else do something.   

For example, watching somebody bite a lime brings the memory of its taste in your mouth. You'll want to use mirror neurons to build a Fanocracy among your fans and customers who cannot be near you in physical closeness.   

Some of the ways you can do this include:   

• Containing photos of your employees and customers on your website or social media.   

• Including videos of your office and events on social media.   

• Hosting webinars or social media live events for those who cannot attend your events.  

Noticing all of the above, users will also want to participate.  

2) Understanding Basic Human Needs of your marketing psychology 

Vital Needs  

Eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, staying warm, and defending one's well-being are the most basic human needs for survival in nature. The same is true for humans and animals. From prehistoric times to the present, people have had these needs. 

 People try to protect others below after they have taken care of the above needs. Those are some of the most fundamental requirements that your marketing must meet. 

Social Needs  

Belonging is one of the most practical needs of human motivation. This is why we want to be in relationships, live in communities, and communicate with others. We want to be loved and to be a part of something, which many of us achieve through school, work, sports, religious groups, communities, or with the people we grew up with. 

Remember that successfully marketing to someone and pitching this demand necessitates the fulfillment of the preceding requirements (Fanocracy). Love has the power to turn your customers into fans who will cheer you on at every turn. 

Appreciation Needs  

Every well-organized society has a clear hierarchy. The next step is to feel worthy and cherished once a person feels adored and a part of a community. We all want to complete it in order to feel important and fulfilled. For instance, we work to meet our security requirements. On the other hand, this job may provide us with a sense of belonging to a company and the opportunity to be recognized for our achievements through promotions, raises, and recognition for well-known work. 

Self-Actualization Needs  

When we have realized our full potential, found our life's passion and purpose, discovered the meaning, or left a legacy, we have reached self-actualization. This is why many people find happiness in their jobs or their families. 

This aspirational human condition follows people around every day. Your products/services can either lead to or be a part of self-realization for your customers. 

All of the characteristics and elements listed above are required motivations for beginning to work with marketing psychology. Make fan culture real, continue marketing psychology, and enrich it by following the detailed steps. Furthermore, there are 13 specific ways to incorporate marketing psychology into your strategy.

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