29 Apr 2022

8+1 Marketing Goals to Develop Your Marketing Strategies 

Marketing goals deliver clarity, true meaning, suggestion, and abundant creativity in your digital marketing strategy. They are the key to success for you, to make all your marketing efforts come true. Marketing goals help you envision your ultimate result and what you need to accomplish to increase brand awareness.  

It's the perfect way to make clients feel unique, increase revenue and generate qualified leads. Now is the ideal time to set smart marketing goals and improve your digital marketing campaigns.  

But before we discuss more especially about marketing goals, we have to see the broader picture of your success and your business goals; the marketing.   

Marketing is the action and methods for making, sharing, providing, and trading proposes worth for consumers, buyers, partners, and the community.  

But how can you create a marketing strategy? By setting marketing goals. Relying on marketing goals, you would find the best methods to achieve this.   

What are Marketing Goals into a Marketing Strategy?  

Especially, marketing goals are specific and measurable purposes that aid you in meeting your ultimate company's goals. Marketing goals may be just one or more. The marketing goals must answer the following question: "What does my company want to achieve?" For example, you may need to boost your social media followers or your social media posts or bring more leads to your e-shop or you may need to improve your Go-To-Market Strategy.

Moreover, if you don't have specific marketing goals to reach, you can't estimate the influence or the results of every statistic or data you receive using marketing metrics.   

Marketing teams should follow those nine primary marketing goals and tactics to help them find the most important marketing goals to consider when creating and clarifying their marketing efforts for 2022 and beyond. 

 8+1 Marketing Goals 

1. Brand Awareness  

The one of the most important marketing goals is the brand awareness represents how many consumers know about your company or your products/services. Developing brand awareness is critical in broadcasting new products/services or repromoting older ones. But be careful; it is not enough for customers to know about your existence. It would be great to know your dissimilarities regarding your competitors and what advantages your products/services have.   

In a few words, the more the customers know about you, the more the brand awareness is higher.   

How do you calculate your brand awareness?  

Unfortunately, there isn't a solid measurement to calculate brand awareness and estimate it precisely. But you can check the efficacy of your actions by examining some other metrics like:  

  • Brand mentions, website visitors, followers in your social media, your reach  
  • Website traffic, backlinks for SEO  

Some pieces of advice to raise brand awareness:  

  • Storytelling  

Storytelling may be the most effective means of attracting new audiences. Remember that customers are individuals, and identification is a shared feature.  

People need to feel related to each other or with the brand they buy. So, tell your story, be sentimental, let the managers from other departments (i.e., sales CEO) tell their story, or share inspiring case studies (how they started, what goes wrong, and how they succeed.)  

  • Find your audience  

Regarding your target audience you aim, you have to find where it is. For example, examine all the social media to see if your niche market is there. Moreover, apart from social media, they may be on other platforms like email, podcasts, vidcasts, or blogs. Satisfied fans can also help spread the word about your business through word-of-mouth recommendations. Focus on providing excellent customer service to achieve this goal. If you treat your customers well, they will inevitably return the favor. 

A satisfied customer will return to purchase from you, growing their customer lifetime value. 

  •  Share content  

The last step for increasing your brand awareness is to share content like your recent blog post and engage with your audience. For instance, you can post exciting content on social media, write on a blog, enrich your website and your e-shop regularly, or run polls. In this way, you can increase brand awareness and web traffic and share your marketing goals. 

After all, your audience becomes buyers and supporters of your brand. They tend to share it on social media and talk about it with companions, family, and coworkers.  

2. Gain new buyers  

Many times, acquiring new clients is not an easy job. It may be time-consuming to reach them and gain them in heart and soul. But if you achieve this, you will have them by your side.   

Content marketing lays the groundwork for gaining new customers. To achieve this, you need time, ideas, and creativity. Of course, do not forget to experiment with different styles and mediums till you find those that express your brand.   

Moreover, offers, freemium models, demo versions, etc., help you give the customers a taste of your products/services to attract and make them pay for the paid version or buy your product.  

How do you calculate customer acquisition?  

  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)  
  • Churn rate  
  • Product sign-ups  
  • Total new customers  

 Furthermore, gaining customer loyalty is far less expensive than acquiring new clients. How do you keep existing customers happy and increase customer value? Inform them about your products, services, and essential business processes that you can offer. 

3. Achieve high-quality leads.  

Marketing strategies are one method to achieve new leads. Marketing teams can gain new leads and help the sales team transform them into new customers. Moreover, the sales team itself is also responsible for acquiring new leads.  

The marketing team can gain leads, through:  

  • Social media accounts  
  • Email marketing  
  • Content marketing  
  • Specified ads  

Higher search rankings translate to increased brand awareness and contribute to your lead and revenue goals since more people will find your business online and contact you or purchase. When setting search ranking goals, focus on targeting keywords related to your business. This will ensure your content appears in front of qualified leads 

Here's an example of a lead-gen strategy:  

  • Someone named Peter was scrolling on his Instagram profile and found your ad. He clicked on the ad and arrived at your landing page.  
  • He wanted to learn more about your product, so he clicked on the call-to-action to acquire the demo version you provide (e.g., the lead magnet).  
  • To gain this, he must fill out a form (e.g., the lead capture form) to download the demo.  
  • After filling out his name and email, he accessed the demo version.  
  • Then there are some other steps to transform him into a customer down the sales funnel, but it's up to the sales team.  

How do you calculate high-quality leads?  

Set goals and business reports such as multi-touch revenue attribution reports, adjust your dashboards, etc.  

4. Establish industry authority.  

One of the most brilliant marketing goals is about your brand's authority. Your company must appear to be an expert to gain new customers or retain existing ones. Your marketing plan should be based on your expertise, knowledge, and experience. As a result, you gain brand awareness, and customers believe you are the only person who knows exactly what they want and how to give it to them. 

In this marketing goal, people do not just learn about you: they follow you and believe in your authority. They are your fans and advocate for you. As a result, customers feel that your brand is a leader and one of the most reliable in the field. All your digital marketing campaigns should look like industry leaders, thus gaining loyal customers. 

Do you remember that we mentioned storytelling?  

To generate leads and increase web traffic, you must keep posting about the stories and case studies. You must also share content that motivates your audience and speaks to their pain points. Your customers' pain points are the issues that, thought leadership, you and your product/service are about to solve. 

Moreover, your thought leadership strategy can be increased through collaboration with other companies increases your credibility and leadership. For instance, you can build an exterior community with other industry leaders through blogging and working with other charged and respected brands in the field. Additionally, you can organize seminars and workshops for your customers with those brands to boost your credibility.  

Consistency is essential for being a leader. Therefore, publishing and promoting your content at a specific time is vital to emerging suitable and forward-thinking in your enterprise.  

How do you measure thought leadership?  

Alike to brand awareness, leadership can be challenging to estimate. One method to do this is media mentions. If your brand is often cited in your industry, that's a promising indicator of total growth through leadership programs. A branded search volume and many backlinks can also be indicators of triumph.   

5. Boost website traffic.  

Nowadays, website traffic is a significant indicator of success and excellent marketing strategy.   

So, how do you achieve this? Here are some ideas:  

  • More ad campaigns.  
  • Create a blog on your site.  
  • More extensive effort to reach SEO  
  • Use alternative mediums like podcasts, vidcasts, youtube channels to promote your website.   
  • Guarantee that all marketing mediums return to your website.  

How do you measure website traffic?  

  • Total sessions  
  • Total unique pageviews  
  • Bounce rate  
  • Conversion by traffic source  
  • Average time spent on page  

6. Boost brand engagement   

Brand engagement means that your audience listens to you and loves your content; they share it, they like it and communicate with other fans.  

Boosting brand engagement won't happen with a glimpse of an eye. It can take months to notice the impact of your actions. However, you can see notable results on your reach and, more importantly, in your revenue when it happens.  

Here are the steps you can take to do so:  

1. Find what your customers care about.  

2. Be punctual about transmitting helpful content.  

3. Motivate actions by starting conversations and asking your followers to participate.  

4. Start doing giveaways and contests.  

5. Personalize contacts when feasible.  

Step five is the best way to create a community with your clients and fans. This community will spread their love for your company to others, gaining more fans.  

7. Grow revenue  

 Digital marketing strategies can play an essential role in raising revenue by targeting customers at every funnel stage.  

Here are some marketing funnel strategies you can employ at every step:  

  • Top of the funnel – Create a reliable digital presence on social media and the web, make content your fans want to discover on the channels they follow and extend offers to turn your visitors into qualified leads.  
  • Middle of the funnel – Recognize signs that turn prospects into marketing qualified leads and retarget campaigns.  
  • Bottom of the funnel – Develop tutorials to communicate product demos and consumer success storytimes to generate leads.  
  • After-purchase – Create a client dedication program.  

How do you measure track increasing revenue?  

  • Average Revenue Per User  
  • Win Rate  
  • Annual Recurring Revenue  
  • Quota Attainment  

8. Enhance internal brand.  

The better the marketing, the more the employees will learn about the business and the brand. They will be able to sell more precisely and provide their services more methodically as a result of this. Employees become advocates for your business and strive for success. 

They like it so much that they promote it and support it outside of the company. You must ensure that all employees have the resources they require to speak with prospects or clients and effectively represent your brand. 

They also have a thorough understanding of your brand's target personas and what they require at each stage of the buyer's journey. 

How do you measure internal branding?  

You can consistently send an internal email and examine the performance data to distinguish whether or not your coworkers across the organization open it and click through the resources included in it. In addition, a company-wide survey provides you with practical feedback on your actions and understanding your marketing goals.  

8+1. Sweeten customer value  

Nowadays, having customers just to buy your products is not enough to secure you with success and continuity to the future. So, you have to increase your customer value. In a nutshell, to make customers feel special and unique. Using your product/service, they enhance their lives. As a result, they stay because you make them feel special, and they will help you promote your brand and be your fans in their turn.   

If your marketing goals are to keep and grow your existing customers, increasing your customer value, there's a lot you can do to gain it:  

  • Develop a loyalty program to gain early access to products and discounts.  
  • Share customer success stories using your product/service.  
  • Promote a referral product/service.  
  • Get your buyer data from purchases and calculate the promoter score.  

How do you measure customer value?  

Firstly, you must estimate your upsell to evaluate whether you increase customer value and commitment over time. Also, closely monitor what content you communicate with clients that affected the most deals or how they interacted with before a deal closed. This will allow you to understand which content is most practical to your current and new clients.  

Whichever marketing goals you set for your team and your whole company, they have to aim to a purpose and help the company. In this way, you'll be ready to boost revenue and help your business expand better.  

So, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to boost your business performance and learn all the secrets of the marketing world. Our approved team is here to assist you with anything you require!