4 May 2022

10 Secrets for a Successful Growth Marketing Strategy 

For a successful growth marketing strategy, there is only one path. First, implement all growth marketing trends, then adapt them to your company's needs, target audience, and annual objectives. To achieve in your growth marketing strategy, remember to check out your customer retention and satisfaction rates. 

The universal growth and dominance of TikTok in most age groups, our familiarity with Meta and iOS 14+, and the immediate and prompt development of podcasts are some of the elements we encountered in 2021 and do not intend to disappear in 2022 in our growth marketing strategies.

Digital growth marketing is constantly evolving and reshaping; the same must be done with your growth marketing strategies. 

Traditional growth marketing is not enough to adapt quickly and successfully and outperform your competitors. Growth marketing necessitates quick reflexes and thorough market knowledge. To stay ahead of the competition, competent marketers shape their growth strategy based on constant modification, adhering to the Trends, and staying one step ahead of their competitors. 

Imagine being a dated marketer and your competitors being trend maniacs, adapting their strategy to current events and trends, or even being so far ahead of the curve that they create them first. 

Competition is lost because the public will turn solely to them, giving them the upper hand in the market. They will increase their conversion rates and customer engagement and achieve their business growth. 

Building a growth marketing strategy requires more than just being online. In the past, having a website, a Facebook account, and possibly an E-commerce store was sufficient. Unfortunately, these are likely to be overdone and outdated today. New customers aren't going to appear anywhere. 

To achieve sustainability in growth marketing, you necessitate a plan, experimentation, and a great deal of commitment. The ultimate way to achieve the above are growth loops.  

Ads and entire campaigns exclusively for social media accounts on all the channels, mainly on Twitter, Instagram & TikTok, and audiovisual content; all the above is the absolute today's trends and will be analyzed immediately to help you reschedule your content marketing. 

On the other hand, effective growth marketing summarizes the best parts of growth hacking (like the desire to think outside the box to get attention) into a long-term practice based on solid rules

Market penetration is the key to increasing your conversion rate, dealing with user engagement, and achieving organic growth. 

The following are ten trends to consider for a successful growth marketing strategy: 

1) The overwhelming popularity of video content 

Youtube, founded in 2005, has changed the data and trends to be the number one growth marketing platform for many years. However, in 2015, with the rise of Instagram and its dominance, we discussed the power of the image. 

Due to the superiority of TikTok and Instagram's Reels, the image trend appears to be changing once more. 

On the other hand, today's video trends differ from a decade ago. Content that is short and to the point is now in vogue. The consumer is bored while watching a long video with no transitions, music, or special effects. 

So try to engage your existing customers or your potential customers through different, unique content that should define and represent your brand. 

TikTok was the catalyst for this shift, and Youtube and Instagram soon followed suit with Youtube shorts and Instagram Reels. 

Of course, there were other apps before TikTok with rapid growth where users could upload short videos, such as Vine and Musical.ly, which is TikTok's ancestor. 

TikTok is the ultimate application that prevailed above because of the universal eminence and internet development (5G has entered the chat) and the extraordinary sound and image quality that almost all mobile phones have. As a result, anyone can watch and record a video. 

TikTok has spawned a slew of brand ambassadors and influencers. Why not make your business one of them? 

There are a lot of free tools or free trials online to improve your skills and learn how to make video content. 

According to digital advertising percentages for 2021, ads with video generate 3x more leads and 25% more impressions than static content. This percentage is because engaged customers have abandoned traditional advertising and channels. 

According to forecasts and data, this trend is expected to begin in 2022. As a result, devise a video strategy and expose yourself to the company's grace via TikTok. 

  • Produce high-quality TikTok and Instagram Reels content. 
  • Increase the amount of money you spend on video production. 
  • Encourage customers to record their purchases on video. 

2) The exploding popularity of audio content 

The second trend in growth marketing opposes the first because we also have rapid audio content development and fast video content. This content is unique because it is usually only audio and lasts for a long time. 

In a nutshell, we're talking about podcasts, which have grown in popularity and will continue to do so in 2022. This growth marketing focuses mainly on audio and less on the picture. 

Many people find it the ideal companion for work, homework, the gym, and other moments of concentration, relaxation, or loneliness

What would you say if you needed to create audio content for your website to promote your products, answer audience questions, announce new releases, etc.? 

Making podcasts for your website will boost your page rankings significantly, and Google will give you a higher ranking in searches. If you still find it difficult, consider using podcasts as an advertising medium, creating audio advertisements. 

Friendly reminder: If you host podcasts on your page, record what's mentioned in blog posts so that voice searches can use a natural speaking language. 

Podcasts have an extensive user base and solid social proof. These two features are the key to getting referrals and making sales. 

3) Coming up with a voice search strategy 

Imagine someone approaching us a few years ago and telling us that in 2022, we'd be designing our growth marketing strategy to include Voice Search machines like Alexa, Siri, and Google's virtual assistant. We'd think he was insane. 

However, now is an excellent time to plan your voice search-based growth marketing strategies. 

These machines are mighty, and they can answer various general, historical, and even personal questions, such as "Can you entertain me?" "Are you able to meow?" 

As a result, now is the best time to implement voice search on your website and landing pages. The risk with this method is that it will take a lot of time and effort to get to launch because users are more patient when typing. 

Because when they give orders orally, they demand immediate results. Acquiring customers means that your growth marketing has to evolve all the time to increase customer lifetime value

What are your responsibilities? 

You have, according to No Good, to 

  • Comprehend Your Type of Customer & Appliance Behavior 
  • Concentrate on Everyday Keywords 
  • Develop Effective Persona-Based Content 
  • Deliver Context with Markup Schema • Create Pages That Response FAQs 
  • Think Mobile & Think Local 

4) Corporate social responsibility and social welfare 

To overcome obstacles and competitors, a growth marketing manager must combine a well-thought-out and careful marketing strategy with social welfare and corporate social responsibility. 

What does the meaning of the last two elements imply? 

A company cannot ignore the environment and socio-political shifts. It must take a stand and support citizens through public awareness campaigns. To be an industry leader means that no one is left out of social and racial movements that raise social issues and awaken consciences, regardless of their social or racial characteristics. 

Besides, in this way, successful growth marketers can understand more extensively the customer journey and all the difficulties that their potential customers face. 

In terms of corporate social responsibility, a company must take the initiative and resolve critical issues that affect society. Some solutions include funding, scholarships, and reforestation to increase customer experience.  

In this way, your marketing team can raise the overall standard of living and the company's reputation. 

Of course, all the above contribute to creating a more customer-centric profile and a company present in the developments and essentials of the citizens, thus ultimately leading to advertising through all the above actions, and new users will be attracted. 

5) Use Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies 

The present and future of evolution and innovation are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Many companies, including IKEA, are already using them and allowing users to see how a piece of furniture inside the house looks in real-time. 

Users can perceive the touch and appearance of objects using AR technology. In contrast, VR technology allows them to feel like they are in a parallel environment (e.g., videos on Facebook). 

Do you want to incorporate the aforementioned technologies into your growth marketing strategy? 

It's one of the best decisions you'll ever make because you'll outperform your competitors and communicate with your customers in a new and exciting way. 

Facebook, as previously stated, uses virtual reality technology for videos and photos. So take advantage of this feature and create content relevant to your audience. 

You can share AR filters with your audience on Instagram and allow them to use the filters as well. In addition, creating a business card that incorporates some aspects of AR technology is a more difficult task but one that is unavoidably successful. 

6) Create a native advertising strategy 

Today's native ad strategy is the most deceptive form of advertising. It's about social media, specifically Instagram and TikTok. It has something to do with the advertisements between the videos, stories, and photos

These ads are highly appealing and profitable because they promote products and services that users like based on cookies and the content they consume on Instagram and TikTok. 

Also, don't overlook the posts on Instagram, which can look a lot like the average user's followers' posting style while subtly advertising a product. 

With just 5-60 seconds of video on TikTok, you can grow ads for your feed and make a lot of money, as you will launch the ROI and become well-known to a large portion of the public. 

It is, however, preferable to always comply with social media ads and adhere to their rules. To take advantage of the benefits, you must dress like an advertisement. 

7) Social media content that can be purchased 

We now have shoppable content on social media and multiple channels, and online stores. 

For example, clicking on a photo from a clothing store on Instagram will likely display prices and direct you to the market's listed section. In addition, there is a section called "Shop" on Instagram where customers can click on an image and be taken directly to the e-shop. 

TikTok does something similar when it collaborates with Shopify so that businesses can create in-feed shoppable posts from videos. 

Do not be unaffected by these rapid changes. Now is the time to start a TikTok and Instagram business account. 

How are you going to succeed in them? 

1) Ads on feeds and stories (for Instagram) 

2) Pre-roll commercials (for TikTok) 

3) Hashtag challenges encourage users to submit clips with a specific hashtag. 

4) For Instagram, upload your products to Shop, and for TikTok, upload your creations to Shopify

Many benefits can be created, and great success is waiting for the company after this growth marketing technique. 

8) Infographics have a lot of power. 

Do you want to get people's attention, spread information, and grow your audience (by sharing, commenting, and so on)

Infographics are the answer because they combine an image with highly targeted and straightforward text, including numbers, statistics, and precise data

Infographics generate 12 percent more traffic and 200 percent more shares than posts without images, according to Social Media Today. 

Consider the number of likes, shares, and comments you'll receive after publishing an infographic. 

It is relatively simple to create an infographic because several online, free applications are available, such as Canva

Include valid data, statistics, or run your surveys through them and present them. 

The fact that 90% of the information people read sticks in their minds because of the format is a fantastic fact about infographics. 

In a nutshell, infographics are the most effective way to communicate statistics and information in a clear, concise, direct, creative, and purposeful. 

9) Growth Through Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is a must-have for technological progress. Even though we have only scratched the surface, we expect extraordinary changes and long-term growth in communication, mobility, health, work, and other areas in the future. 

All marketers can benefit from artificial intelligence in terms of growth marketing strategy. Because AI recognizes faces, tags them in photos, and recommends friends, it is valuable and is now present on social media sites like Facebook

In addition to the above, you can use Google's new performance feature, Max campaigns, which is ideal for any marketer. You can access the entire Google Ads list from a campaign through AI. 

Completing your keyword-based search campaigns it's designed to help you find more interested or habilitated customers across all of Google's channels, such as YouTube, Search, and Gmail

The extra costs help produce better, higher-quality content that will reach and affect a larger audience. 

10) Get used to a new reality after upgrading to iOS 14+ 

The most recent Apple software is IOS15+. However, in the growth marketing world, iOS 14+ has caused a stir. Marketers are looking for a solution because they can no longer track audience behaviors, and as a result, the ads are slightly personalized, indicating that they are less effective. 

Even though iOS 14+ is no longer supported, it continues to cause significant issues for programmers and targeting marketers having difficulty in customer acquisition and business growth. 

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? 

  • Create ad campaigns primarily through Google because the remarketing feature allows you to target users based on their search intent. 
  • You can track and report on some of the activity from Facebook campaigns by using UTMs in Google Analytics. 

Following this presentation, you will be able to create a fantastic growth marketing strategy that incorporates all of the latest trends and what people want to see. 

One final secret to absolute success is perseverance and observation, which allows you to notice and keep up with changes. The trends change frequently and are updated to reflect current events. 

For example, if there had been no pandemic, we are confident that the trends in 2022 would be drastically different. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to boost your business performance and learn all the secrets of the growth marketing world. Our approved team is here to assist you with anything you require!